Green Screen Los Angeles Technology: Chroma Key Technique

Green screen Los Angeles technology, AKA chroma key is a technique used by filmmakers to mix two separate photographs together. This works by making the background ( a solid color which is usually green or blue ) transparent in order to show another image which is the particular background that’ll be shown on film. This method of filming is often referred to as color keying, blue screen, and color separation overlay ( CSO ). It was basically used for weather reports. Forecasters were shot in front of chroma key screens and the background got replaced by tangible maps that indicate weather forecasts . The chroma key technique is also employed by filmmakers and photographers alike.

The green screen first made its appearance in the 1930′s at RKO Radio pictures. The backdrop used back then was blue. This technique of film making was developed in order to create computer effects for the film “The burglar of Bagdad.” except for the chroma key methodology, filmmakers relied on an especially boring and time intensive process called “travelling matte.” This made transition like “wipes” practical.

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