Green Screen Studios LA – Sophisticated Film Making Technologies

Hollywood manages to move moviegoers to different places be it real or standard. With today’s sophisticated film making technologies, anyone can take a look at ancient Rome’s grand coliseums, walk on the surface of Jupiter, and visit dimensions that was once restricted to only our imaginations. Also, creatures like monsters, angels, and beasts are brought to life with the help of green screen Hollywood technology. But what exactly is green screen studios LA or “Chroma Key” technology? How does it work?

Green screen studios LA technology is the mixing of 2 images together. A solid background color is utilized so that another image can be transposed in front of the main picture. More frequently than not, green is the color used for this reason though blue is also commonly used. Green is more popular among filmmakers because image sensors in camcorders are delicate to it. Green camera channels have less noise and can make the cleanest masks. Also, the color green is sometimes used as it doesn’t have to be illuminated much, as compared to other colors. This makes the green screen the ideal background of different productions from weather reports to big budget Hollywood flicks.

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