Green Screen Stage Rentals Los Angeles: Chroma Key

Green screen stage rentals Los Angeles pertains to a type of photography. Chroma Key photography is a leading edge way of making photographs and films. It is a form of modern technology where the creator applies backgrounds of his choice behind an existing image. Chroma Key screen is therefore simply a photographic application whereby a chosen background is placed on top of an already existing ( green ) background. It is highly complicated and quite imaginative, with exciting effects. To provide great photos using chroma key technology, there are many techniques used. But firstly, because of the technicalities involved, there are green screen rentals, which are available for use by whoever wishes to employ the technology.

Given the incontrovertible fact that chroma key technology is relatively new to the film and photograph industry, it is therefore rather pricey, and out of reach of individual small time photographers or budding film makers. As a result, the idea of green screen rentals is quickly gaining momentum, with photographers or film makers who would like to apply this technology making a choice to hire rather than acquire one individually. It is because of the high cost that only well established film or photographic lofts have this technology at their disposal. The choice for small enterprises in photography and film making is to go for rentals. Though it may be termed as comparatively new, chroma key technology is gaining in popularity fast.

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