Green Screen Rentals LA: Films That Used Them

Titanic. Titanic is a colossal tear-jerker of a movie. Who wouldn’t weep for poor Jack and Rose? Who is able to forget the iconic “I’m the king of the world” scene? Who did not hold their breath when the condemned vessel snapped in 1 / 2 right after hitting the iceberg? This piece of motion picture magic wouldn’t be achievable without the green screen rentals LA technique. Without it, the love story may not be realistic. Very poor quality pictures and backgrounds will surely cause the Titanic to sink at the box office.

300. This film is a genuine graphic spectacle. 300 was shot entirely on green screen! Leonidas and the Spartans would not find themselves in a visually amazing atmosphere if it were not with the miracle of the Chroma Key Technique. The appearance and feel of the motion picture would not be the same with no chroma key technique. Without it, the idea of 300 troops beating an army of ghoulish individuals would certainly appear to be obvious stupidity rather than splendor.

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