Green Screen Studio: Affordable Film Making Method

Green Screen Studio is a cheap video and filmmaking method in which two frames are melded into one. It is also ordinarily called Chroma key or sometimes color keying. A notable use is in TV weather bulletins where the weather person looks to be standing in front of a giant graphic display. What happens actually is that the weather person stands in front of a blank Green Screen Studio. Different graphic displays are then digitally added to the blank green portions to finish the illusion.

Green is a preferential color because it’s so different from human skin color that good separation is attained. It’s also the color to which digital cameras are most sensitive. The other available color blue is less advantageous because it’s a common color in both masculine and feminine clothing and needs brighter lighting. Lots of the more modern Star Wars films make intensive use of color keying strategies. Green Screen Studio is also far less expensive than having your characters or props in front of an actual projection or television screen.

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